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1 Computation of Attraction Potential of Asteroid (433) Eros with an Accuracy up to the Terms of the Fourth Order Burov, A. A.

65 5 p. 164-168
2 Destruction of a Singularity of a Strongly Nonlinear Wave Profile in a Dissipative Medium Rudenko, O. V.

65 5 p. 169-173
3 Determination of the Mass-Flow Rate of Blood in a Blood Vessel Using Natural Frequencies of Flexural Vibrations Timerbulatov, V. M.

65 5 p. 190-193
4 Molecular Dynamic Calculation of the Bulk Modulus for Silicon and Silicon Carbide Utkin, A. V.

65 5 p. 174-177
5 Tamm Plasmon Polaritons for Light Trapping in Organic Solar Cells Bikbaev, R. G.

65 5 p. 161-163
6 The Block Element Method in the Theory of a New Type of Cracks Babeshko, V. A.

65 5 p. 183-185
7 The Suppression of Transverse Vibrations of an Elastic Panel Moving Axially in a Fluid Flow Banichuk, N. V.

65 5 p. 186-189
8 Visualization and Echo Sounding of Stratified Fluid Disturbances in Front of and Behind a Vertical Plate Chashechkin, Yu. D.

65 5 p. 178-182
                             8 results found
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