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1 A Mathematical Model for Prediction of the Tribological Properties of Oil-Filled Composites under Vibration Kolesnikov, V. I.

65 4 p. 149-152
2 Asymptotics of the Spectra of One-Dimensional Natural Vibrations in Media Consisting of Solid and Fluid Layers Shamaev, A. S.

65 4 p. 153-156
3 Calculation of the Electron Distribution Function in a Weakly Ionized Plasma in an Electric Field Krasovsky, V. L.

65 4 p. 136-141
4 Effect of Distributed Suction on the Development of Disturbances on the Wing Profile Grek, G. R.

65 4 p. 157-160
5 Elliptic Integrals in Nonlinear Problems of Mechanics Anakhaev, K. N.

65 4 p. 142-146
6 Linear Invariant Relations in the Problem of the Motion of a Bundle of Two Bodies Burov, A. A.

65 4 p. 147-148
7 The Nonlinear Theory of Quasi-Solid States of Micropolar Elastic Bodies Zelenina, A. A.

65 4 p. 131-135
                             7 results found
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