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1 An Integrally Asymmetric Flow Past a Plate with an Upstream-Moving Surface Gaifullin, A. M.

65 2 p. 57-59
2 A Problem on a Viscous Layer Deformation Zhuravleva, E. N.

65 2 p. 60-63
3 Change of Orientation of a Rigid Body by Means of an Auxiliary Mass Chernousko, F. L.

65 2 p. 72-74
4 Model of Helium and Water Vapor Adsorption by a Microsphere-Based Porous Composite Sorbent Vereshchagin, A. S.

65 2 p. 46-50
5 Propagation of Perturbations in a Boundary Layer under Strong Hypersonic Interaction Lipatov, I. I.

65 2 p. 64-66
6 Specificities of Ultrasonic Vibrations upon Strain Localization Buravova, S. N.

65 2 p. 41-45
7 Spreading of a Water Drop in an Oil Layer Chashechkin, Yu. D.

65 2 p. 75-81
8 Stability of the Bernoulli–Euler Beam under the Action of a Moving Thermal Source Morozov, N. F.

65 2 p. 67-71
9 Terahertz and Infrared Spectroscopy of Dense and Porous Organosilicate Glass Thin Films Komandin, G. A.

65 2 p. 51-56
                             9 results found
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