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1 About the Nature of Bead Lightning and Laboratory “Plasmoids” Alanakyan, Yu. R.

65 1 p. 1-4
2 A Detonation Afterburner Frolov, S. M.

65 1 p. 36-39
3 An Exact Semi-Inverse Solution for the Family of Geophysical Problems of a Draining Slope Anakhaev, K. N.

65 1 p. 26-30
4 Concentration Dependences of Molecular Oxygen and Hydrogen in Aqueous Solutions Baymler, I. V.

65 1 p. 5-7
5 Conditions of the Formation of a Shock Wave under Cavitation in Hydrocarbon Solutions Dnestrovskij, A. Yu.

65 1 p. 8-11
6 Deformation of Cavitation Bubbles during Implementation of Their Supercompression in a Cluster Nigmatulin, R. I.

65 1 p. 18-22
7 Evaluation of the Yield Stress of Solids upon Unloading from a Shock-Compressed State Kanel, G. I.

65 1 p. 12-14
8 Origin of Degradation of the CaF2/BaF2 Buffer Layers on Si(111) Neizvestny, I. G.

65 1 p. 15-17
9 Simulation of the Motion of Groundwater for a Rectangular Bridge with a Screen Bereslavskii, E. N.

65 1 p. 31-35
10 Synthesis of Diamond from a High-Velocity Microwave Plasma Flow Rebrov, A. K.

65 1 p. 23-25
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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