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1 Photoinduced reactivity and cytotoxicity of a series of zinc(II)–flavonolate derivative complexes An, Si-Ying

45 4 p. 253-266
2 Structure and magnetic properties of a serendipitously synthesized copper(II) complex: [Cu(3-Br-2-pyone)6](ClO4)2 Witkos, Faith E.

45 4 p. 237-243
3 Synthesis and crystal structure of manganese(III), zinc(II) and cadmium(II) complexes based on a symmetrical macroacyclic Schiff base ligand containing piperazine moiety, DNA binding studies of complexes Keypour, Hassan

45 4 p. 227-235
4 Synthesis, characterization and CO-releasing property of palladium(II) bipyridine flavonolate complexes Han, Xiaozhen

45 4 p. 217-225
5 Three supramolecular trinuclear nickel(II) complexes based on Salamo-type chelating ligand: syntheses, crystal structures, solvent effect, Hirshfeld surface analysis and DFT calculation Chang, Jian

45 4 p. 279-293
6 Two cubane-like [M4O4] {M = nickel(II), cobalt(II)} complexes: syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties Wang, Yingying

45 4 p. 245-251
7 Water-mediated proton conduction in two stable fluorophenyl imidazole dicarboxylate-based cadmium(II) complexes Han, Bingxue

45 4 p. 267-278
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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