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1 Agency in historical institutionalism: Coalitional work in the creation, maintenance, and change of institutions Emmenegger, Patrick

50 4 p. 607-626
2 Asserting disadvantaged communities’ deliberative agency in a media-saturated society Curato, Nicole

50 4 p. 657-677
3 A story of nimble knowledge production in an era of academic capitalism Hoffman, Steve G.

50 4 p. 541-575
4 Correction to: Language and imagined Gesellschaft: Émile Durkheim’s civil-linguistic nationalism and the consequences of universal human ideals Tada, Mitsuhiro

50 4 p. 715-716
5 Symbolic Capital of the Memory of communism. The quest for international recognition in Kazakhstan Bekus, Nelly

50 4 p. 627-655
6 Victimhood dissociation and conflict resolution: evidence from the Colombian peace plebiscite Acosta, Laura

50 4 p. 679-714
7 What is educational entrepreneurship? Strategic action, temporality, and the expansion of US higher education Kindel, Alexander T.

50 4 p. 577-605
                             7 results found
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