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1 Ab Initio Modeling of the Electronic and Energy Structure and Opening the Band Gap of a 4p-Element-Doped Graphene Monolayer Asadov, M. M.

49 5 p. 314-323
2 Charge Transport Mechanism in a Formless Memristor Based on Silicon Nitride Orlov, O. M.

49 5 p. 372-377
3 Modeling the Characteristics of SOI CMOS Nanotransistors with an Asymmetric Surrounding Gate Masal’skii, N. V.

49 5 p. 324-331
4 Simulation of Resistive Switching in Memristor Structures Based on Transition Metal Oxides Permyakova, O. O.

49 5 p. 303-313
5 Simulation of Transients in a Majority Gate upon Switching and Collecting Charge from the Track of a Single Particle Stenin, V. Ya.

49 5 p. 332-344
6 Study of the Magneto-Optical Properties of Structures on Curved Surfaces for Creating Memory Elements on Magnetic Vortices Prokaznikov, A. V.

49 5 p. 358-371
7 Study of the Relaxational Polarization Dynamics of the LiPON Solid Electrolyte Rudyi, A. S.

49 5 p. 345-357
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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