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1 Calculation of Performance of MEMS-Switch with Increased Capacitance Ratio Uvarov, I. V.

49 4 p. 253-262
2 Calculation of the Electrical Conductivity of a Thin Cylindrical Conducting Tube Taking into Account the Anisotropy of the Isoenergetic Surface Kuznetsova, I. A.

49 4 p. 244-252
3 Determination of Thermoelectric Cooling Modes of Heat-Loaded Electronics Vasil’ev, E. N.

49 4 p. 278-284
4 High-Voltage LDMOS Transistors on an SOI Structure for Electronics That Operate in Extreme Conditions Babkin, S. I.

49 4 p. 285-294
5 Influence of Oxygen Pressure on Switching in Memoristors Based on Electromoformed Open Sandwich Structures Mordvintsev, V. M.

49 4 p. 269-277
6 Modifying the Dielectric Properties of the TlGaS2 Single Crystal by Electron Irradiation Asadov, S. M.

49 4 p. 263-268
7 Physical Parameters of the Broadband Noise-Generator Diodes Buslyuk, V. V.

49 4 p. 295-301
8 Plasma Parameters and Kinetics of Active Particles in the Mixture CHF3 + O2 + Ar Efremov, A. M.

49 4 p. 233-243
9 Single-Photon Response and Microdisk Spectroscopy in a Diamond Substrate Rogachev, M. S.

49 4 p. 225-232
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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