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1 E-Beam Lithography Simulation Techniques Rogozhin, A. E.

49 2 p. 108-122
2 Effect of Operating Mode of the Input-Output Ports of Complex Functional Devices on Indicators of the Pulsed Electric Strength of the Product Shemonaev, A. N.

49 2 p. 145-149
3 Investigating the Formation of Defects in Silicon during Gamma Irradiation Saurov, M. A.

49 2 p. 103-107
4 Magnetic Field Converters Based on the Spin-Tunnel Magnetic Resistance Effect Vasil’ev, D. V.

49 2 p. 132-138
5 Quantum Chip with the Optimized Tunnel Structure for Measuring a Charge Qubit Based on a Double Quantum Dot Tsukanov, A. V.

49 2 p. 77-93
6 Special Aspects of the Kinetics of Reactive Ion Etching of SiO2 in Fluorine-, Chlorine-, and Bromine-Containing Plasma Efremov, A. M.

49 2 p. 94-102
7 Synthesis of Energy-Efficient Flip-Flop Circuits Based on Sequential-Parallel Structures of MOS Transistors Kulakova, A. A.

49 2 p. 139-144
8 Thermoelectric Cooling of Heat-Loaded Electronics Vasil’ev, E. N.

49 2 p. 123-131
                             8 results found
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