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1 Analysis of Carbon and Carbon-Containing Materials by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Afanas’ev, V. P.

49 1 p. 47-54
2 Arrays of Carbon Nanotubes in a Field of Continuous Laser Radiation Afanas’ev, S. A.

49 1 p. 16-24
3 Carbon Solubility in a Nickel Catalyst with the Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Bulyarskiy, S. V.

49 1 p. 25-29
4 Condenser MEMS Microphone Grigoriev, D. M.

49 1 p. 37-42
5 Electronic Conductivity in a Р+-Ion Implanted Positive Photoresist Oleshkevich, A. N.

49 1 p. 55-61
6 Investigating the Electrothermal Characteristics of Partially Depleted Submicron SOI CMOS Transistors in an Extended Temperature Range Rumyantsev, S. V.

49 1 p. 30-36
7 Mathematical Simulation of Electronic Structure, and Synthesis and Application of IrSi Nanoparticles Gasanov, A. G.

49 1 p. 43-46
8 On the Relationship between Boolean Algebra and Quantum Informatics Bogdanov, Yu. I.

49 1 p. 1-15
9 Verification and Scheme Implementation of Parallel Automata Avdeev, N. A.

49 1 p. 62-75
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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