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1 A Method for Monitoring the Condition of Rotor Windings in Induction Motors during Startup Based on Stator Current Nazarychev, A. N.

56 8 p. 661-667
2 Application of Nonuniform Fourier Transform to Solving Ultrasonic Tomography Problems with Antenna Arrays Dolmatov, D. O.

56 8 p. 603-610
3 Influences of Excitation Current Frequency and Amplitude on Corrosion Evaluation Based on Analytical Model for Surface Magnetic Field Feng Jiang,

56 8 p. 668-680
4 Nondestructive Sensor Detection and Economic Applicability Analysis of Underground Foundation Pit Dengping Hu,

56 8 p. 681-688
5 Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Spot Welding Defects by Ultrasonic Testing on Similar Sheets and Dissimilar Sheets Esmaeil Mirmahdi,

56 8 p. 620-634
6 Simulation Modeling in Digital Radiography with Allowance for Spatial Outlines of Test Objects Osipov, S. P.

56 8 p. 647-660
7 Static Tests of Wing Box of Composite Aircraft Wing Using Acoustic Emission and Strain Gaging Ser’eznov, A. N.

56 8 p. 611-619
8 The Use of Microwave and K* Algorithm in Determination of Alcohol Concentration in Liquids Ebru Efeoğlu,

56 8 p. 689-697
9 Using Methods of Analysis of Optical Images of Friction Surfaces of Ti–Al–N Based Coatings for Assessing Accumulation of Damage and Diagnostics of Failure in Tribological Tests Shugurov, A. R.

56 8 p. 635-646
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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