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1 Development of a Laser Interferometry Method for Assessing Residual Stresses in Welded Structures Antonov, A. A.

56 5 p. 445-451
2 Development of an Approach to Forcast the Defect Formation in the End of a Weld Joint Based on the Modeling of Heat Processes Sholokhov, M. A.

56 5 p. 460-467
3 Eddy Current Characterization of 3D Crack by Analyzing Probe Signal and Using a Fast Algorithm Search Abderrahmane Abbassi,

56 5 p. 426-434
4 Experimental Determination of Diagnostic Signs of Damage to the Rotor Windings of High-Voltage Power Plant Motors in Startup Mode Nazarychev, A. N.

56 5 p. 408-416
5 Fast Nondestructive Technique for Analyzing Deflection of Membranes Located on the Substrate Dedkova, A. A.

56 5 p. 452-459
6 Features and Advantages of Applying Anisotropic Magnetoresistive Field Sensors to Testing the Full Volume of Small- and Medium-Diameter Pipes Shleenkov, A. S.

56 5 p. 417-425
7 Model Test Study on Oil Leakage and Underground Pipelines Using Ground Penetrating Radar Gao, Lei

56 5 p. 435-444
8 Synthetic Aperture Imaging in Cylindrical Component Using Ultrasonic Immersion Forward Vector Algorithm Yongjun Li,

56 5 p. 397-407
                             8 results found
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