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1 Error Measurement of LCC Resonant Converter for X-Ray Bhuvaneswari, C.

56 4 p. 375-385
2 Experimental Study on Damage Mechanism of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Mortar Based on Acoustic Emission Wavelet Energy Spectrum Analysis Wang Yan,

56 4 p. 318-327
3 Ferrite Magnetic Tile Defects Detection Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and Texture Feature Measurement Xueqin Li,

56 4 p. 386-395
4 Influence of the Mechanical Error on Performance of Beta Thickness Gauging and the Prediction of System Operation Time S. Z. Islami Rad,

56 4 p. 369-374
5 Inspection and Monitoring of Concrete Structures via Radiography and Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization Method Amir Movafeghi,

56 4 p. 361-368
6 Measurement of Accumulated Height of Exfoliated Oxide Scales in Austenitic Boiler Tubes Using Pulsed Eddy Current Testing Zhiyuan Xu,

56 4 p. 350-360
7 Procedure for Determining the Factor of Correction for Geometric Dispersion of Speed of Sound in Compact Concrete Products Kachanov, V. K.

56 4 p. 299-309
8 Reconstructing Defect Radiation Amplitude Based on Acoustic Emission Signals under Conditions of a Plane Stress State Berkovich, V. N.

56 4 p. 328-339
9 Reducing the Level of Weakly Changing Noise by the Decorrelation Method during Ultrasonic Monitoring Using Antenna Arrays Bazulin, E. G.

56 4 p. 310-317
10 Research on Scanning Path of Automatic Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of Pipe Welds with Complex Geometry Yakun Shi,

56 4 p. 340-349
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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