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1 Calculating Parameters of Pinhole in Collimation System of Albedo Computed Tomography of Steel Products Zhuravskii, E. E.

56 2 p. 171-178
2 Characterization of Hadfield Steels Subjected to Various Heat-Treating Processes by Nondestructive Eddy Current Method Kahrobaee, Saeed

56 2 p. 151-160
3 Correction for Microstructure Effect on Residual Stress Measurement of SR-FSW Joint with Lcr Wave Liu, Bin

56 2 p. 131-140
4 Experimental Study of Lamb Waves Propagation inside an Impact Damage in the Size of the Used Wavelength Taleb, S.

56 2 p. 141-150
5 Experimental Study on Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Bond-Slip for BFRP Concrete Chen, Yuzhi

56 2 p. 119-130
6 Influence of Dimensions and Shape of Process Cutouts on the Accuracy of Locating Acoustic Emission Sources Matvienko, Yu. G.

56 2 p. 101-109
7 Mathematical Models of Radiation Transparency of Test Objects When Using Sandwich X-Ray Radiation Detectors Udod, V. A.

56 2 p. 161-170
8 Nondestructive Testing for Defects and Damage to Structures in Reinforced Concrete Foundations Using Standard G.652 Optical Fibers Mekhtiyev, A. D.

56 2 p. 179-190
9 Ultrasonic Tomograph of Concrete Building Structures with Lateral Signal Radiation Kachanov, V. K.

56 2 p. 110-118
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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