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1 Estimating the True Sensitivity of Acceptance Ultrasonic Inspection of Rails Shelukhin, A. A.

56 11 p. 887-897
2 Forward Simulation Signal of Underground Pipeline Based on Ground Penetrating Radar Lei Gao,

56 11 p. 936-947
3 Imaging Electric Signals of a Magnetic Field Transducer with Hysteretic Interference for Testing Metals in Pulsed Magnetic Fields Pavlyuchenko, V. V.

56 11 p. 907-914
4 Increasing the Rate of Recording Echo Signals with an Ultrasonic Antenna Array Using Code Division Multiple Access Technology Avagyan, V. K.

56 11 p. 873-886
5 Intelligence Systems for Quality Assessment of Threaded Surfaces and Flaw Monitoring Based on Digital Light Field Recording Yu. Ol’t,

56 11 p. 915-926
6 Nondestructive Evaluation of Track and Haulage Ropes of Aerial Ropeway Installation in India—A Case Study Prasad Bhukya,

56 11 p. 927-935
7 Using the Method of Acoustoelasticity for Evaluating Elastic Mechanical Stresses in the Material of Bearing Rings Ryzhova, A. O.

56 11 p. 898-906
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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