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1 Acoustic Emission Testing of Early Generation of Defects in CFRP Samples under Static and Thermal Loading Stepanova, L. N.

56 10 p. 784-794
2 An Asymptotic Method for Solving the Problem of Identifying a Curvilinear Crack in an Elastic Layer Vatul’yan, A. O.

56 10 p. 810-819
3 An Energy Method for Determining the Residual Resource of Nonrigid Road Pavements at the Stage of Operation Tiraturyan, A. N.

56 10 p. 864-872
4 Application of Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors for Elastic Guided Wave Excitation and Detection in Structural Health Monitoring Systems for Elongated Constructions Eremin, A. A.

56 10 p. 795-809
5 Deep Learning Techniques for Flaw Characterization in Weld Pieces from Ultrasonic Signals Sudheera, K.

56 10 p. 820-830
6 Modeling and Effect of Ultrasonic Waves on Bearing Shells in Industry by Non-Destructive Testing Esmaeil Mirmahdi,

56 10 p. 853-863
7 Production of Ultrasonic Test Piece by Utilization of Additive Manufacturing Technique Riahi, M.

56 10 p. 843-852
8 Selecting Optimum Parameters of Ultrasonic Noncontact Shadow Method for Testing Products Made of Polymer Composite Materials Kachanov, V. K.

56 10 p. 831-842
9 Studying Applicability of TOFD Technique to Inspection of Welded Joints in Polyethylene Pipes Aleshin, N. P.

56 10 p. 775-783
                             9 results found
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