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1 Applying Ultrasonic Thermotomography and Electric-Loading Thermography for Thermal Characterization of Small-Sized Defects in Complex-Shaped Spatial Composite Structures Kaledin, V. O.

56 1 p. 58-69
2 Calculating the Influence of Refractions and Reflections from Curvilinear Surfaces of Shells of Revolution on Acoustic Field Michurov, A. V.

56 1 p. 28-40
3 Defect Detection by Combination of Threshold and Multistep Watershed Techniques Mohebbifar, M. R.

56 1 p. 80-91
4 Determining Friction Coefficient at Run-In Stage and Diagnosing the Point of Transition to Steady-State Phase Based on Acoustic Emission Signals Builo, S. I.

56 1 p. 41-48
5 Dispersion Equation for Longitudinal Waves in a Layered Medium with Inhomogeneous Boundary Conditions in Different Propagation Directions Abbakumov, K. E.

56 1 p. 20-27
6 Hysteretic Interference of Magnetic Field of a Moving Linear Inductor Pavlyuchenko, V. V.

56 1 p. 49-57
7 Investigation of the Possibility of the Insecticide Diagnosis Using Infrared Thermography Naeimeh Gholamrezaei,

56 1 p. 70-79
8 Non—Āontact Spectral Express Method for Detecting Corrosion Damage to Metal Products Suchkov, G. M.

56 1 p. 12-19
9 Numerical Simulation of Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Testing Lozovsky, I. N.

56 1 p. 1-11
10 Optimizing Radiographic Sensitivity in the In-Service Testing of Pipes Tariq O. Mousa,

56 1 p. 92-99
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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