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1 Eddy Current Quality Control of Soldering in Superconducting Current-Carrying Joints with Allowance for the Effect of Cross Section Variations on Testing Results Kogan, L. Kh.

55 9 p. 654-662
2 Identification of Materials in Fragments of Large-Sized Objects in Containers by the Dual-Energy Method Osipov, S. P.

55 9 p. 672-686
3 Influence of Magnetization Options on Detection of Unwanted Inclusions in the Tonnage of Iron Ore Reutov, Yu. Ya.

55 9 p. 663-671
4 Limit Capabilities of Identifying Materials by High Dual- and Multi-Energy Methods Osipov, S. P.

55 9 p. 687-699
5 Research on Stability Problem of Ultrasonic Inverse Scattering Equation Shi-Lei Ren,

55 9 p. 648-653
6 Studying Stability of CFRP Composites to Low-Energy Impact Damage by Laser Vibrometry Shpil’noi, V. Yu.

55 9 p. 639-647
7 Studying the Development of a Technological Defect in Complex Stressed Construction CFRP Using Digital Image Correlation and Acoustic Emission Methods Lobanov, D. S.

55 9 p. 631-638
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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