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1 A New Method and Apparatus for High-Resolution γ-Radiographic Introscopy of Bulk Heavy-Metal Products and Blanks. First Application Results Gorbunov, M. A.

55 10 p. 761-771
2 Evaluating Damage Accumulated in Car Wheelset Axle Journals by the Ultrasonic Method Using Rayleigh and Head Waves Murav’ev, V. V.

55 10 p. 713-722
3 Imaging of Lamination Defect in Metallic Plate Based on Local Wavenumber Domain Analysis Ziming Li,

55 10 p. 723-733
4 Influence of Climate-Range Temperature on Magnetic Properties of Steels of Various Composition Kostin, V. N.

55 10 p. 756-760
5 Inverse Problem of Magnetostatics in Saturation Fields Dyakin, V. V.

55 10 p. 746-755
6 Non-Destructive Infrared Lock-in Thermal Tests: Update on the Current Defect Detectability António Ramos Silva,

55 10 p. 772-784
7 Sensing of Ellipsoidal Inclusions in a Biomedical Ti–6Al–4V Alloy by Magnetic Means Hector Carreón,

55 10 p. 785-790
8 To the Calculation of the Field of a Finite Magnetic Cylinder Dyakin, V. V.

55 10 p. 734-745
9 To the Question of Assessing the Sensitivity of Ultrasonic Testing of Welded Joints of Energy Industry Objects Ushakov, V. M.

55 10 p. 701-712
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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