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1 Homological Series in the Variability of the Coat Color in Fur Animals Trapezov, O. V.

56 11 p. 1381-1386
2 Structural and Functional Organization of Genes That Induce and Suppress Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Plants Anisimova, I. N.

56 11 p. 1288-1297
3 Supernumerary Spikelet Wheat Forms as Models for Studying Genetic Regulation of Inflorescence Development Dobrovolskaya, O. B.

56 11 p. 1298-1307
4 Synthesis of Flavonoid Pigments in Grain of Representatives of Poaceae: General Patterns and Exceptions in N.I. Vavilov’s Homologous Series Strygina, K. V.

56 11 p. 1345-1358
5 The Development of a Genetic Linkage Map of Redcurrant (Ribes rubrum L.) by Means of SSR and SNP DNA Markers Pikunova, A. V.

56 11 p. 1387-1390
6 The Evolutionary Aspects of Flowering Control: Florigens and Anti-Florigens Lebedeva, M. A.

56 11 p. 1323-1344
7 The Law of Homologous Series in Variation for Systematics Rodionov, A. V.

56 11 p. 1277-1287
8 The Role of TFL1 Orthologs in Determining of Plant Architectonics Krylova, E. A.

56 11 p. 1308-1322
9 Trichomes of Higher Plants: Homologous Series in Hereditary Variability and Molecular Genetic Mechanisms Shvachko, N. A.

56 11 p. 1359-1370
10 Vavilov’s Series of the “Green Revolution” Genes Khlestkina, E. K.

56 11 p. 1371-1380
                             10 results found
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