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1 Career and Non-Career Bridge Employment Intentions of Local Government Professionals Mulvaney, Michael A.

20 3 p. 477-493
2 Leaders’ Behaviour as a Determinant of Employee Performance in Ghana: the Mediating Role of Employee Engagement Obuobisa-Darko, Theresa

20 3 p. 597-611
3 Management Control in Local Public Administrations in France - Typological Construction and Organizational Determinants - the Case of Large Intermunicipalities Lavigne, Laurent

20 3 p. 563-583
4 Public-Private Organizations Behaviour: the Paradoxes in the Implementation of Ghana’s Health Insurance Scheme Kipo-Sunyehzi, Daniel Dramani

20 3 p. 585-596
5 The Determinants of Performance Management Outcomes in Public Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Role of National Culture and Organizational Subcultures Abane, Juliana Abagsonema

20 3 p. 511-527
6 The Impact of in-Service Training and Motivation on Job Performance of Technical & Vocational Education Teachers: Role of Person-Job Fit Iqbal, Nasir

20 3 p. 529-548
7 The Opportunities and Constraints to Collaboration in Public Sector Management Osei-Kojo, Alex

20 3 p. 495-510
8 The Organisational Culture of Vietnamese and Chinese Corporations: Do Age and Gender Make a Difference? Tran, Quan H. N.

20 3 p. 549-562
9 Transparency and Accountability Practices of Local Government Units in the Philippines: a Measurement from the Ground Gabriel, Arneil G.

20 3 p. 437-457
10 Uses of Management Control Tools in the Public Healthcare Sector Petit, Nicolas

20 3 p. 459-475
                             10 results found
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