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1 COVID-19 and the policy sciences: initial reactions and perspectives Weible, Christopher M.

53 2 p. 225-241
2 Designing policy for the long term: agency, policy feedback and policy change Sewerin, Sebastian

53 2 p. 243-252
3 Designing policy resilience: lessons from the Affordable Care Act BĂ©land, Daniel

53 2 p. 269-289
4 Disaggregating the dependent variable in policy feedback research: an analysis of the EU Emissions Trading System Moore, Brendan

53 2 p. 291-307
5 Mixed feedback dynamics and the USA renewable fuel standard: the roles of policy design and administrative agency Skogstad, Grace

53 2 p. 349-369
6 Policy feedback and pathways: when change leads to endurance and continuity to change Daugbjerg, Carsten

53 2 p. 253-268
7 Reimagining instrument constituencies: the case of conservation policy in Mexico Pischke, Erin C.

53 2 p. 371-388
8 The role of actors in the policy design process: introducing design coalitions to explain policy output Haelg, Leonore

53 2 p. 309-347
                             8 results found
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