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1 Chemical Kinetics of Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) Degradation in Wastewater by ·OH Radical Fu, Yuwei

42 2 p. 363-375
2 Effect of Plasma Control Parameters on the Growth of Nitrogen-Doped Nanocone-Vertical Graphene Hybrid: Theoretical Investigations Sharma, Shruti

42 2 p. 413-433
3 High Efficiency Removal of Sulfur Mustard Surrogate by Cold Plasma Jet Wang, Ruixue

42 2 p. 303-319
4 Influence of Potable Water Origin on the Physicochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Plasma Activated Water Simon, Stephane

42 2 p. 377-393
5 Laser Induced Dielectric Breakdown as a Novel Method for the Synthesis of Molybdenum Boride A.Kornev, R.

42 2 p. 395-412
6 Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation on Etching Process of Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma Jet with Shielding Gas Lv, Li

42 2 p. 321-337
7 Reforming of Fluctuating Biogas Compositions with Non-thermal Plasma for Enhancement of Spark Ignition Engine Performance Lim, Mooktzeng

42 2 p. 283-301
8 Synergistic Effect of Co–Ni Bimetal on Plasma Catalytic Ammonia Synthesis Liu, Y.

42 2 p. 267-282
9 The Effect of Low-Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge (LPDBD) Plasma in Boosting Germination, Growth, and Nutritional Properties in Wheat Hasan, Mahedi

42 2 p. 339-362
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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