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1 A case of gender equality: absence of sex-related costs in a dioecious tropical forest tree species Martins, Valéria Forni

222 3 p. 275-288
2 Drought sensitivity of Empetrum nigrum shrub growth at the species’ southern lowland distribution range margin Hein, Nils

222 3 p. 305-321
3 Edaphic characteristics drive functional traits distribution in Amazonian floodplain forests Mori, Gisele Biem

222 3 p. 349-360
4 Effect of rhizome exposure to contrasting abiotic conditions on the performance of the invasive macrophyte Hedychium coronarium J. Koenig (Zingiberaceae) Pinheiro, Amanda Maria

222 3 p. 375-385
5 Growth plasticity in response to shading as a potential key to the evolution of angiosperm herbs Klimeš, Adam

222 3 p. 387-396
6 How common and dispersal limited are ant-dispersed plants in eastern deciduous forests? Warren, Robert J.

222 3 p. 361-373
7 Nests of the white stork as suitable microsites for the colonisation and establishment of ruderal plants in the agricultural landscape Dylewski, Łukasz

222 3 p. 337-348
8 Plant size of the alpine cushion Thylacospermum caespitosum affects soil amelioration at different elevations Zhao, Ruiming

222 3 p. 323-335
9 The global invader Ligustrum lucidum accumulates beneficial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a novel range Borda, Valentina

222 3 p. 397-408
10 Variations in temperate forest stem biomass ratio along three environmental gradients are dominated by interspecific differences in wood density Kerfriden, Baptiste

222 3 p. 289-303
                             10 results found
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