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1 Continuous grazing disrupts desert grass-soil seed bank composition under variable rainfall Marone, Luis

222 2 p. 247-259
2 Decoupling of nitrogen and phosphorus in dominant grass species in response to long-term nitrogen addition in an Alpine Grassland in Central Asia Su, Yuan

222 2 p. 261-274
3 Dominant drivers of plant community assembly vary by soil type and time in reclaimed forests Trepanier, Kaitlyn E.

222 2 p. 159-171
4 Gender-biased nectar targets different behavioural traits of flower visitors Barberis, Marta

222 2 p. 233-246
5 Grass competition is more important than fire for suppressing encroachment of Acacia sieberiana seedlings Pillay, Tiffany

222 2 p. 149-158
6 Impact of a native invasive weed (Microstegium ciliatum) on regeneration of a tropical forest Truong, T. T. A.

222 2 p. 173-191
7 Implications of seed germination ecology for conservation of Camptotheca acuminata, a rare, endemic, and endangered species in China Wen, Bin

222 2 p. 209-219
8 Linking responses of native and invasive plants to hurricane disturbances: implications for coastal plant community structure Paudel, Shishir

222 2 p. 133-148
9 Modeling the geographic distribution of pawpaw (Asimina triloba [L.] Dunal) in a portion of its northern range limits, western New York State, USA Tulowiecki, Stephen J.

222 2 p. 193-208
10 The intermediate dispersal hypothesis: seed dispersal is maximized in areas with intermediate usage by hoarders Mittelman, Pedro

222 2 p. 221-231
                             10 results found
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