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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Allelopathic effects of switchgrass on redroot pigweed and crabgrass growth Li, Aoxin

222 1 p. 1-12
2 Felling the giants: integral projection models indicate adult management to control an exotic invasive palm Zucaratto, Rodrigo

222 1 p. 93-105
3 Fire effects on the vital rates and stochastic population growth rate of the rare shrub Lindera subcoriacea Wofford Wall, Wade A.

222 1 p. 119-131
4 Intraspecific sexual competition in the clonal gynodioecious herb Glechoma hederacea in response to patchy nutrient distribution Harris, Nathan A.

222 1 p. 57-64
5 Non-native Microstegium vimineum populations collapse with fungal leaf spot disease outbreak Warren, Robert J.

222 1 p. 107-117
6 Seedling recruitment in response to artificial gaps: predicting the ecological consequence of forest disturbance Zhang, Mingming

222 1 p. 81-92
7 Sheep grazing differentially affects the canopy attributes and functional diversity of shrubs and perennial grasses in arid rangelands Bär Lamas, Marlene I.

222 1 p. 13-27
8 Structural changes of vegetation and its association with microclimate in a successional gradient of low thorn forest in northeastern Mexico Sánchez-Reyes, Uriel Jeshua

222 1 p. 65-80
9 The effect of fire on seed germination of campo rupestre species in the South American Cerrado Fernandes, Alessandra Furtado

222 1 p. 45-55
10 Winners and losers in the predicted impact of climate change on cacti species in Baja California Benavides, Eva

222 1 p. 29-44
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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