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1 Exploring Buddhism as a ‘Tool’ to Support Well-Being: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Western Adopters’ Experiences Laurent, Li

70 5 p. 471-485
2 How Is Fortitude Among Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago Expressed and Formed? Clues from a Study of Polish Pilgrims Seryczyńska, Berenika

70 5 p. 541-556
3 Righteousness Relief: A Possible Additional Explanation for the Pleasure of Humor and Its Pastoral Implications Webster, Daniel

70 5 p. 557-567
4 Social and Political Freedom: a Pastoral Theological Perspective—Part II LaMothe, Ryan

70 5 p. 487-505
5 The Concept of Heaven in Drawings by French Muslim Children Güleç, Yasemin

70 5 p. 507-524
6 “The Flow that Pushes you”: Christocentric Reflections on the Compassion Expressed by African American Youths in Chicago Suffering Profound Disadvantage McCrea, Katherine Tyson

70 5 p. 441-470
7 The Role of Religious Leaders in Suicide Prevention in Ghana. A Qualitative Analysis Osafo, Joseph

70 5 p. 525-539
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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