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1 Appalachian Church Leaders: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Study to Understand How Substance use Impacts their Communities Thomas, M. Evan

70 4 p. 379-397
2 Ban of Religious Gatherings during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Christian Church Leaders’ Well-Being in Ghana Osei-Tutu, Annabella

70 4 p. 335-347
3 Does Faith Concordance Matter? A Comparison of Clients’ Perceptions in Same Versus Interfaith Spiritual Care Encounters with Chaplains in Hospitals Liefbroer, Anke I.

70 4 p. 349-377
4 Psychological Predictors of Professional Burnout among Priests, Religious Brothers, and Religious Sisters in Italy: The Dark Triad versus the Bright Trinity? Francis, Leslie J.

70 4 p. 399-418
5 Spitting Rhymes 'til Mourning Comes: an Exploration of Hip-Hop, Suicidal Thoughts, and Spiritual Lament Hinds, Jay-Paul

70 4 p. 315-334
6 The Experience of Financial Well-Being, Shame, and Mental Health Outcomes in Seminary Students Blea, Jordan

70 4 p. 299-314
7 The Japanese Concept of Amae: New Light on Henri Nouwen’s Experience of Depression Uemura, Kenjiro

70 4 p. 419-439
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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