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1 Metabolizing Death: Re-Thinking Recovery from Substance Use Disorder through the Creative Cartographies of William James and Ernest Becker Boeving, Nicholas Grant

69 3 p. 169-186
2 Ministerial Training on Consumer Culture and Volunteer Management May Prevent Burnout for Small-Church Clergy White Smith, Debra

69 3 p. 225-248
3 Review of Nathan Carlin’s Pastoral Aesthetics: A Theological Perspective on Principlist Bioethics Peery, Brent W.

69 3 p. 267-269
4 “The Joseph Story: a Trauma-Informed Biblical Hermeneutic for Pastoral Care Providers” Focht, Caralie

69 3 p. 209-223
5 “The Prophet Says…”: A Qualitative Analysis of the Mechanisms for Inducing Compliance among Congregants of Neo-Pentecostal Churches in Ghana Salifu Yendork, Joana

69 3 p. 249-266
6 Training Chaplains and Spiritual Caregivers: The Emergence and Growth of Chaplaincy Programs in Theological Education Cadge, Wendy

69 3 p. 187-208
                             6 gevonden resultaten
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