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1 A Day of Judgment: a Study on Turkish Muslims Students Turan, Yahya

69 2 p. 119-133
2 Do Doctors Grieve: Addressing Physician Grief and Cultivating Better Doctors Athanasios, Amira

69 2 p. 83-85
3 George F. Handel’s “How Beautiful Are the Feet” as Transformational Object: An Autobiographical Account Arjona, Rubén

69 2 p. 87-98
4 Religious and Spiritual Conflicts: A Psychological Perspective Noth, Isabelle

69 2 p. 135-147
5 The Triple ‘A’ Formula for Flourishing Ministry Families: An Analysis of the Ministry/Family Journey of Credentialed Ministers and their Spouses within the Australian Christian Churches Potts, Daryl J

69 2 p. 149-167
6 Triggers of Spiritual Dryness – Results from Qualitative Interviews with Religious Brothers and Sisters Büssing, Arndt

69 2 p. 99-117
                             6 gevonden resultaten
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