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1 C and N dynamics with repeated organic amendments can be simulated with the STICS model Levavasseur, Florent

119 1 p. 103-121
2 Controlled-release N fertilizer to mitigate ammonia volatilization from double-cropping rice Tian, Chang

119 1 p. 123-137
3 Cover crops, compost, and conversion to grassland to increase soil C and N stock in intensive agrosystems Maris, Stefania Codruta

119 1 p. 83-101
4 Maize nitrogen uptake and productivity under reduced and conventional tillage Gotosa, Jephita

119 1 p. 23-36
5 Manure recycling from urban livestock farms for closing the urban–rural nutrient loops Tadesse, Solomon Tulu

119 1 p. 51-67
6 Nitrogen acquisition and 15N-fertiliser recovery efficiency of sugarcane cultivar RB92579 inoculated with five diazotrophs Pereira, Willian

119 1 p. 37-50
7 Nutrient saturation of crop monocultures and agroforestry indicated by nutrient response efficiency Schmidt, Marcus

119 1 p. 69-82
8 Plant uptake of legacy phosphorus from soils without P fertilization Gatiboni, Luciano Colpo

119 1 p. 139-151
9 Scientific publishing for greater research impact Lehmann, Johannes

119 1 p. 1-5
10 Traditional land use effects on nutrient export from watersheds to coastal seas Sugimoto, Ryo

119 1 p. 7-21
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