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1 Correction to: Carbon sequestration and nitrogen uptake in a temperate silvopasture system Dold, C.

118 3 p. 335
2 European survey shows poor association between soil organic matter and crop yields Vonk, Wytse J.

118 3 p. 325-334
3 Exports and inputs of organic carbon on agricultural soils in Germany Jacobs, Anna

118 3 p. 249-271
4 Graphical analysis of nitrogen and sulfur supply on yield and related traits of canola in eastern Canada Ma, B. L.

118 3 p. 293-309
5 Reliable quantification of N2 fixation by non-legumes remains problematic Unkovich, Murray

118 3 p. 223-225
6 Reliance on Biological Nitrogen Fixation Depletes Soil Phosphorus and Potassium Reserves Reimer, Marie

118 3 p. 273-291
7 Residual nitrogen from preceding garlic crops is important for double-cropped rice Zhou, Wei

118 3 p. 311-324
8 Three-dimensional dynamics of nitrogen from banded enhanced efficiency fertilizers Janke, Chelsea K.

118 3 p. 227-247
                             8 results found
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