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1 A Note on Solving Discretely-Constrained Nash-Cournot Games via Complementarity Papageorgiou, Dimitri J.

21 2 p. 325-330
2 Assessing the Spatial Transferability of Freight (Trip) Generation Models across and within States of India: Empirical Evidence and Implications for Benefit Transfer Pani, Agnivesh

21 2 p. 465-493
3 How do All Roads Lead to Rome? The Story of Transportation Network Inducing Agglomeration Mahmud, Ahmed Saber

21 2 p. 419-464
4 Integrated Model for Timetabling and Circulation Planning on an Urban Rail Transit Line: a Coupled Network-Based Flow Formulation Shang, Pan

21 2 p. 331-364
5 Maritime Traffic as a Complex Network: a Systematic Review Álvarez, Nicanor García

21 2 p. 387-417
6 Modeling Multi-Year Customers’ Considerations and Choices in China’s Auto Market Using Two-Stage Bipartite Network Analysis Bi, Youyi

21 2 p. 365-385
7 New Inertial Projection Methods for Solving Multivalued Variational Inequality Problems Beyond Monotonicity Izuchukwu, Chinedu

21 2 p. 291-323
8 Uncertainties of Sub-Scaled Supply and Demand in Agent-Based Mobility Simulations with Queuing Traffic Model Saprykin, Aleksandr

21 2 p. 261-290
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