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1 Advances in Natural-Fiber-Reinforced Composites: A Topical Review Prajapati, H.

58 3 p. 319-354
2 A Free Vibration Analysis of Laminated Microplates Reinforced By Graphene Platelets Integrated with Piezoelectric Facesheets, Resting on an Elastic Foundation, and Subjected to Thermoelectrical Loads Abbaspour, F.

58 3 p. 435-450
3 Application of the Dynamic Indentation Method for Evaluation of the Hardness and Elastic Modulus of the Material of Products Obtained by Extrusion Method of Additive Production from Carbon-Filled Composite Materials Pratasenia, T. A.

58 3 p. 383-394
4 Deformation Mechanics of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Specimens in Tensile and Compression Tests 1. Theoretical and Experimental Methods for Determining the Mechanical Characteristics and the Parameters of Stress-Strain State Paimushin, V. N.

58 3 p. 409-426
5 Diagnostics of Micropores in a Polymer Material with a Built-In Fiber-Optic Bragg Grating Pan’kov, A. A.

58 3 p. 427-434
6 Effect of the Thermal Conductivity of Mated Materials on the Wear Intensity of a Polymerpolymer Friction Pair Bochkareva, S. A.

58 3 p. 307-318
7 Evaluation and Modeling of Tensile Properties of Chopped Carbon Fiber Tapes Reinforced Thermoplastics of Different Tape Thicknesses Wan, Y.

58 3 p. 395-408
8 Generalized Durability Models and their Application to Solving Problems on Predicting the Defining Characteristics of Composites Gusev, E. L.

58 3 p. 355-364
9 Mechanical Stability of Eccentrically Stiffened Auxetic Truncated Conical Sandwich Shells Surrounded by Elastic Foundations Duc, Nguyen Dinh

58 3 p. 365-382
10 Some Conferences and Congresses (Composites & Advanced Materials)
58 3 p. 451-452
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