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1 A Primer to Traditional Knowledge Protection in India: The Road Ahead Chakrabarty, Shambhu Prasad

42 3 p. 401-427
2 Are Fish Wild? Wyatt, Tanya

42 3 p. 485-492
3 Comparing the laws of England, Wales and Italy Relating to the Unilateral Modification for the Terms of Operational Contract during the COVID-19 Pandemic Sharar, Bandar

42 3 p. 465-483
4 How do Rights Become Probable in the Global Context? Pacheco-Reyes, Ronald

42 3 p. 313-338
5 Interrogating the Criminalisation of Same-Sex Sexual Activity: A Study of Commonwealth Africa Arimoro, Augustine Edobor

42 3 p. 379-399
6 Is “Contribution to the Host States Development” An Essential Criterion to Define Investment Under International Investment Law?: A Search Through the Lens of Arbitral Awards Mukherjee, Souvik

42 3 p. 429-463
7 Promoting the Rights of Victims in Under-Resourced Places by Using Science and Technology That Can be Used by Ordinary People, to Deal with Human Rights Violations: Bolstering the Right to the Truth Sarkin, Jeremy Julian

42 3 p. 339-360
8 Shirley V. Scott & Charlotte Ku: Climate Change and the UN Security Council Wilson, Gary

42 3 p. 493-495
9 Tamsin Phillipa Paige, Petulant and Contrary: Approaches by the Permanent Five Members of the UN Security Council to the Concept of ‘threat to the peace’ under Article 39 of the UN Charter Wilson, Gary

42 3 p. 497-500
10 The Aporia of EU Citizenship Lashyn, Serhii

42 3 p. 361-377
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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