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1 Abhinav Chandrachud: Republic of Religion: The Rise and Fall of Colonial Secularism in India Sarkar, Swargodeep

42 2 p. 305-311
2 A Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain: Would Decriminalising BDSM Permit Nonconsensual Abuse? Bennett, Theodore

42 2 p. 161-183
3 A ‘Life-Style Choice’ or a Philosophical Belief?: The Argument for Veganism and Vegetarianism to be a Protected Philosophical Belief and the Position in England and Wales McKeown, Paul

42 2 p. 207-241
4 Balancing International Police Cooperation: INTERPOL and the Undesirable Trade-off Between Rights of Individuals and Global Security Calcara, Giulio

42 2 p. 111-142
5 Canada and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES): Lessons Learned on Implementation and Compliance Wyatt, Tanya

42 2 p. 143-159
6 Hospitals’ Liabilities in Times of Pandemic: Recalibrating the Legal Obligation to Provide Personal Protective Equipment to Healthcare Workers Chan, Hui Yun

42 2 p. 185-205
7 Life Imprisonment Without Parole: The Compatibility of Serbia’s Approach with the European Convention on Human Rights Turanjanin, Veljko

42 2 p. 243-274
8 Mark Swatek-Evenstein: A History of Humanitarian Intervention Wilson, Gary

42 2 p. 297-299
9 Michael P. Scharf, Milena Sterio & Paul R. Williams: The Syrian Conflict’s Impact on International Law: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020, 378 pp, £85 hardback, ISBN: 9781108491532 Wilson, Gary

42 2 p. 301-303
10 Party Autonomy in the Choice of Law: Some Insights from Australia Peari, Sagi

42 2 p. 275-296
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