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1 Geographical Connections: Law, Islands, and Remoteness Nicolini, Matteo

42 1 p. 1-14
2 “Human Habitation or Economic Life of their Own”: The Definition of Features Between History, Technology and the Law Faccio, Sondra

42 1 p. 15-33
3 Insularity and Law: Diversity and Changeability of Islands’ Statuses—The Example of French Outermost Regions in French and EU Law Systems Perrot, Danielle

42 1 p. 71-85
4 Rural Development and the “POSEI” Regime for European Islands: Between Remoteness, Subsidiarity and the “Delivery Model” Ferraris, Luchino

42 1 p. 87-98
5 The Cayman Islands: Paradoxes of Insularity in the Caribbean and Other British Overseas Territories Bromby, Michael

42 1 p. 35-49
6 The Greek Archipelago: A Unique Representative Case-Study of Differential Legal Status and of Double Insularity Boumpa, Anna

42 1 p. 99-109
7 The Islands that Ate the Constitution Jones, Colin P. A.

42 1 p. 51-69
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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