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1 An American Jurist in London: Bruce Ackerman’s Proposals for Constitutional Reform in the UK Versus Bruce Ackerman’s Constitutional Theory Mailey, Richard

41 3 p. 227-250
2 Cecily Rose, Michael Kubiciel and Oliver Landwehr: The United Nations Convention Against Corruption—A Commentary Chowdhury, Ashfaquzzaman

41 3 p. 395-400
3 End-of-Life Decisions in Albania: The Call for an Ethical Revision Veshi, Denard

41 3 p. 315-330
4 Is Sexual-Orientation Discrimination a Form of Sex Discrimination? Hill, Daniel J.

41 3 p. 357-386
5 On Fiduciary Relationship with Artificial Intelligence Systems Gudkov, Aleksei

41 3 p. 251-273
6 Police Powers and Article 5 ECHR: Time for a New Approach to the Interpretation of the Right to Liberty Edwards, Richard A.

41 3 p. 331-356
7 Reforming the Role of the Financial Services Ombudsman Galeza, Dorots

41 3 p. 275-291
8 Richard Mullender, Matteo Nicolini, Thomas D.C. Bennett and Emilia Mickiewicz (eds): Law and Imagination in Troubled Times. A Legal and Literary Discourse Viola, Pasquale

41 3 p. 387-390
9 The Re-Emergence of Conquest: International Law and the Legitimate Use of Force Mulligan, Michael

41 3 p. 293-313
10 Ulf Linderfalk: Understanding Jus Cogens in International Law and International Legal Discourse Alexander, Atul

41 3 p. 391-394
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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