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1 Cutting Global Justice Down to Size? Rights, Vulnerabilities, Immunities, Communities Morss, John R.

40 3 p. 179-202
2 Dicey and the Brick Maker: An Unresolved Tension Between the Rational and the Reasonable in Common Law Pedagogy Swaminathan, Shivprasad

40 3 p. 203-226
3 Mass Tort Jurisprudence and Critical Epistemologies of Risk: Dissolution of Public–Private Divide in the Indian Mass Tort Law Gupta, Arpita

40 3 p. 227-252
4 Personal Laws: Undetermined Norms and Undetermined Concept? Halpérin, Jean-Louis

40 3 p. 253-270
5 Prolegomenon to a Southern Jurisprudence Singh, Prabhakar

40 3 p. 155-178
6 The Jurisprudence of Taxpayer Rights in India: An Evolutionary Tale in Direct Taxation Jha, Kinshuk

40 3 p. 271-297
                             6 results found
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