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1 A note on switching property for squared Bessel process Jakubowski, Jacek

60 4 p. 482-493
2 A Note on the Vertex Degree Distribution of Random Intersection Graphs Bloznelis, Mindaugas

60 4 p. 452-455
3 Bayesian Estimation of the Precision Matrix with Monotone Missing Data Ghorbel, Emna

60 4 p. 470-481
4 Existence and Uniqueness of Martingale Solutions to Option Pricing Equations with Noise Zhao, Jun

60 4 p. 562-576
5 On Aggregation of Subcritical Galton–Watson Branching Processes with Regularly Varying Immigration Barczy, Mátyás

60 4 p. 425-451
6 On Descartes’ rule for polynomials with two variations of signs Cheriha, Hassen

60 4 p. 456-469
7 Pointwise approximation of functions by matrix operators of their Fourier series with r-differences of the entries Łenski, Włodzimierz

60 4 p. 494-512
8 Some Large Deviations Principles for Time-Changed Gaussian Processes Pacchiarotti, Barbara

60 4 p. 513-529
9 Subexponential Densities of Infinitely Divisible Distributions on the Half-Line Watanabe, Toshiro

60 4 p. 530-543
10 Zeros, poles, and fixed points of solution and its difference for some types of difference equations Xu, Hong Yan

60 4 p. 544-561
                             10 results found
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