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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Absolute continuity and local limit theorems for homogeneous functionals of point processes Davydov, Youri

59 4 p. 498-506
2 Anisotropic scaling limits of long-range dependent random fields Surgailis, Donatas

59 4 p. 595-615
3 Asymptotics of Intersection Local Time for Diffusion Processes Dorogovtsev, Andrey

59 4 p. 519-534
4 Fifty years in the field of probability: A conversation with professor Vygantas Paulauskas Bloznelis, Mindaugas

59 4 p. 425-436
5 Local probabilities of randomly stopped sums of power-law lattice random variables Bloznelis, Mindaugas

59 4 p. 437-468
6 Nonuniform bounds in the Poisson approximation with applications to informational distances. II Bobkov, Sergey G.

59 4 p. 469-497
7 Risk forecasting in the context of time series* Lu, Xiaoyang

59 4 p. 545-574
8 Searching for and Quantifying Nonconvexity Regions of Functions* Davydov, Youri

59 4 p. 507-518
9 Stable limits for associated regularly varying sequences Jakubowski, Adam

59 4 p. 535-544
10 Uniform asymptotic normality of self-normalized weighted sums of random variables* NorvaiĊĦa, Rimas

59 4 p. 575-594
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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