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1 Depositional Environments in the Eastern Paratethys during the Final Middle Miocene Transgression (Kura Basin, Eastern Georgia) Rostovtseva, Yu. V.

55 6 p. 486-495
2 Formation of Abnormal Gas-Geochemical Fields of Methane, Helium, and Hydrogen in Northern Vietnam, Its Coastal and Adjacent Water Areas Syrbu, N. S.

55 6 p. 512-527
3 Geochemical Features of the Jurassic Terrigenous Sedimentary Complex of the Greater Caucasus Gavrilov, Yu. O.

55 6 p. 496-511
4 Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrogenesis of the Vein-Type Barites of Some Portions of the Benue Trough, Nigeria Ola Peter Sunday,

55 6 p. 528-537
5 Isotopic Composition (δ13C and δ18O) and Genesis of Mn-bearing Sediments in the Ushkatyn-III Deposit, Central Kazakhstan Brusnitsyn, A. I.

55 6 p. 445-467
6 Methane with Abnormally High δ13C and δD Values from the Coastal Hot Springs in Lake Baikal Kalmychkov, G. V.

55 6 p. 439-444
7 Specific Features of the Behavior of Diagenesis Products in Rocks of Seismically Active Regions Gavrilov, Yu. O.

55 6 p. 427-438
8 Structural and Crystal-Chemical Features and Rb–Sr Age of Globular Glauconite in the Ust-Il’ya Formation (Lower Riphean, Anabar Uplift) Zaitseva, T. S.

55 6 p. 468-485
9 Structure and Composition of the Holocene–Pleistocene Sediments in the Northern Barents Sea Sokolov, S. Yu.

55 6 p. 415-426
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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