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1 Dinosaur Footprints in Terrigenous Sediments on the Early Jurassic Shelf of the Central North Caucasus: Sedimentological and Paleoecological Settings Gavrilov, Yu. O.

55 5 p. 345-354
2 Facies and Paleogeographic Reconstructions of Vendian Postglacial Deposits in the Southeastern Nepa–Botuoba Anteclise Izyurova, E. S.

55 5 p. 355-371
3 Facies Structure and Quantitative Parameters of Pleistocene Sedimentation on the Deep-Sea Floor of the Southern Pacific Ocean and in the Scotia Sea Levitan, M. A.

55 5 p. 327-337
4 Residual Sediments of the Vema Fracture Zone, Central Atlantic Chamov, N. P.

55 5 p. 338-344
5 Vertical Catagenetic Zonality of the Sedimentary Layer in the Northeastern Barents Shelf Nikitin, D. S.

55 5 p. 372-391
6 Weathering Crusts in the Glukharinyi Ore-Placer Cluster (Kolyma Terrane, Northeastern Russia) and Their Gold Potential Glukhov, A. N.

55 5 p. 392-414
                             6 results found
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