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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A dynamic systems analysis of classrooms: teacher experience and student motivation Ghafarpour, Hajar

23 1 p. 101-116
2 Associations between school climate and student life satisfaction: resilience and bullying as mediating factors Aldridge, Jill M.

23 1 p. 129-150
3 Differential effectiveness of alternative middle-school science sequences for students of different ethnicities Long, Christopher S.

23 1 p. 87-99
4 Effects of friendship and relationship dimensions of classroom environment on general and academic self-concept Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, Mohsen

23 1 p. 117-128
5 Measuring Halliwick Foundation course students' perceptions of case-based learning, assessment and transfer of learning Alt, Dorit

23 1 p. 59-85
6 Measuring learners’ perceptions of a team-taught learning environment: development and validation of the Learners’ Team Teaching Perceptions Questionnaire (LTTPQ) Simons, Mathea

23 1 p. 45-58
7 Myint Swe Khine (Ed.): Emerging trends in learning analytics: leveraging the power of education data (Contemporary approaches to research in learning innovations, volume 12) Afari, Ernest

23 1 p. 151-152
8 What about the tertiary climate? Reflecting on five decades of class climate research Alansari, Mohamed

23 1 p. 1-25
9 What you do is less important than how you do it: the effects of learning environment on student outcomes Bonem, Emily M.

23 1 p. 27-44
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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