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1 A Meta-Analysis of the Counseling Literature on Technology-Assisted Distance Supervision Woo, Hongryun

42 4 p. 424-438
2 An Assessment Approach for Use in Counselling to Promote Young People’s Quality of Life McDougall, Janette

42 4 p. 455-467
3 Combining Teaching and Counseling Roles: Implications for Students’ Willingness to Seek Help for Bullying Yablon, Yaacov B.

42 4 p. 382-392
4 Disability in Counselor Education: Perspectives from the United States Rivas, Michele

42 4 p. 366-381
5 Factors Influencing Life Satisfaction of International Students in Mainland China Jiang, Qinxu

42 4 p. 393-413
6 Growing up Globally: Third Culture Kids’ Experience with Transition, Identity, and Well-Being Miller, Scott T.

42 4 p. 414-423
7 Naturalness, Personality, and Mindfulness Predict EcoWellness: Implications for Counseling Practice Holden, Christopher J.

42 4 p. 439-454
8 Shaping Social and Psychological Competencies or Intervening in a Crisis? Sociotherapists’ Experiences of Helping Adolescents in Poland Soroko, Emilia

42 4 p. 349-365
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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