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1 Assessment framework of actor strategies in international river basin management, the case of Deltarhine Renner, Tobias

21 2 p. 255-283
2 Beyond delegation size: developing country negotiating capacity and NGO ‘support’ in international climate negotiations Chan, Nicholas

21 2 p. 201-217
3 Does capacity increase compliance? Examining evidence from European cooperation against air pollution Tveit, Andreas Kokkvoll

21 2 p. 323-345
4 European fuel economy policy for new passenger cars: a historical comparative analysis of discourses and change factors Oki, Takahiro

21 2 p. 165-181
5 Global warming problem faced by the international community: international legal aspect Nukusheva, Aigul

21 2 p. 219-233
6 Green building in China Shen, Yayun

21 2 p. 183-199
7 Hybrid transnational advocacy networks in environmental protection: banning the use of cyanide in European gold mining Bocse, Alexandra-Maria

21 2 p. 285-303
8 Reciprocity in practice: the hydropolitics of equitable and reasonable utilization in the Lancang-Mekong basin Middleton, Carl

21 2 p. 235-253
9 The effectiveness of the Bern Convention on wildlife legislation and judicial decisions in Turkey Elvan, Osman Devrim

21 2 p. 305-321
10 The risk of carbon leakage in global climate agreements Nielsen, Tobias

21 2 p. 147-163
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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