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1 Achieving the ambitious targets of the Paris Agreement: the role of key actors Andresen, S.

21 1 p. 1-7
2 China’s climate and energy policy: at a turning point? Heggelund, Gørild M.

21 1 p. 9-23
3 Determinants of successful delivery by non-state actors: an exploratory study Puig, Daniel

21 1 p. 93-111
4 Explicit targets and cooperation: regional fisheries management organizations and the sustainable development goals Haas, Bianca

21 1 p. 133-145
5 Principle of reasonable and legitimate expectations in international law as a premise for investments in the energy sector Krzykowski, Michał

21 1 p. 75-91
6 The effectiveness of soft law in international environmental regimes: participation and compliance in the Hyogo Framework for Action Wanner, Maximilian S. T.

21 1 p. 113-132
7 The Paris agreement and key actors’ domestic climate policy mixes: comparative patterns Skjærseth, Jon Birger

21 1 p. 59-73
8 The United States: conditions for accelerating decarbonisation in a politically divided country Bang, Guri

21 1 p. 43-58
9 Towards a European Green Deal: The evolution of EU climate and energy policy mixes Skjærseth, Jon Birger

21 1 p. 25-41
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