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1 Authentic assessments: a method to detect anomalies in assessment response patterns via neural network Cordell, Kate D.

21 4 p. 439-458
2 Distinguishing frontloading: an examination of medicare home health claims Morefield, Brant

21 4 p. 477-485
3 Heterogeneous treatment effects and bias in the analysis of the stepped wedge design Lindner, Stephan

21 4 p. 419-438
4 Modelling the size, cost and health impacts of universal basic income: What can be done in advance of a trial? Johnson, Matthew Thomas

21 4 p. 459-476
5 The ADI-3: a revised neighborhood risk index of the social determinants of health over time and place Berg, Kristen A.

21 4 p. 486-509
6 Using a spatiotemporal model to estimate the impact of suicide prevention in small areas Godoy-Garraza, Lucas

21 4 p. 510-526
7 Which patients benefit most from completing health risk assessments: comparing methods to identify heterogeneity of treatment effects Olsen, Maren K.

21 4 p. 527-546
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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