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1 Characterizing bias due to differential exposure ascertainment in electronic health record data Hubbard, Rebecca A.

21 3 p. 309-323
2 Chronic Diseases and Multimorbidity in Iran: A Study Protocol for the Use of Iranian Health Insurance Organization’s Claims Database to Understand Epidemiology, Health Service Utilization, and Patient Costs Ebrahimoghli, Reza

21 3 p. 407-418
3 Estimation of causal effects of multiple treatments in healthcare database studies with rare outcomes Hu, Liangyuan

21 3 p. 287-308
4 Evaluating efficiency of counties in providing diabetes preventive care using data envelopment analysis Kang, Hyojung

21 3 p. 324-338
5 Improving risk adjustment with machine learning: accounting for service-level propensity scores to reduce service-level selection Park, Sungchul

21 3 p. 363-388
6 Standard electronic health record (EHR) framework for Indian healthcare system Pai, Manohara M. M.

21 3 p. 339-362
7 Using synthetic data to replace linkage derived elements: a case study Resnick, Dean M.

21 3 p. 389-406
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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