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1 Bias reduction methods for propensity scores estimated from error-prone EHR-derived covariates Harton, Joanna

21 2 p. 169-187
2 Comparison of definitions for identifying urgent care centers in health insurance claims Buttorff, Christine

21 2 p. 229-237
3 Editorial Cai, Xueya

21 2 p. 167-168
4 Identifying cohabiting couples in administrative data: evidence from Medicare address data Matta, Sasmira

21 2 p. 238-247
5 Racial treatment disparities after machine learning surgical risk-adjustment Hammarlund, Noah

21 2 p. 248-286
6 The use of segmented regression for evaluation of an interrupted time series study involving complex intervention: the CaPSAI project experience Habib, Ndema

21 2 p. 188-205
7 Veridical causal inference using propensity score methods for comparative effectiveness research with medical claims Ross, Ryan D.

21 2 p. 206-228
                             7 results found
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